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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

THE COLOR OF GREED by Jack Thompson_Review

The Color of Greed (Raja Williams, #1)The Color of Greed by Jack Thompson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of The Color of Greed
Raja Williams is not the routine private investigator. Of Caribbean background, he is very wealthy, yet unassuming, an individual of real moral integrity and backbone. His business partner Vinny is a former hacker-turned NSA employee-turned hacker again, who can make any computer or database tap dance on the head of a pin, and find out anything there is to be known. The two of them function well as individuals, but as a team are unbeatable; and Raja has other “team members” such as Mickey and Claus who appear when needed, and otherwise remain in the background, yet make their moments count. Called into a case in California labeled “accidental death,” Raja and Vinny soon discover that the puppet strings are being manipulated much higher up, and that what appears “accidental” is actually murder-over and over again.
I totally enjoyed reading this excellent mystery-suspense-thriller. Yes, I label it a thriller, because the plot twists and complications, as well as the intriguing characters, kept my attention on the story without lagging even for a moment. I’ve always enjoyed mysteries, but this novel has something special-a certain joie de vivre, perhaps; definitely a twisty plot, and characters that are well fleshed-out and mostly likeable (even the villains are comprehensible, and make no mistake, there is a plurality of villains). The writing is smooth and excellent, and I truly hope the author will make this a series with multiple entries.

I reviewed this book at the author's request, in exchange for my fair and impartial review.

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