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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

SURVIVOR Serial by Peter Anderson. Review: Episodes 1-

SURVIVOR is an ideal selection as a serial:  author Peter Anderson ratchets the tension to the max, suspense from page to page is heart-stopping, and every event seemingly comes wrapped with its own cliffhanger. The story commences with a reader's hook that is nothing short of earth-shattering!
Episode 1-Blackout introduces the crew of the-literally-spaceship SURVIVOR and slingshots them through a singularity into a conventionally impossible, seemingly unending adventure.

Episode 2-The Factory: 
This is the second episode in a serial. Very fast-paced, suffused with action and adventure, violence and some sexual content. Lots of convolutions, unexpected developments, and cliff-hangers. Good backstory on the various characters. In text and contents, reminds me of a graphic novel, in much more depth.  Where Episode 1 commenced with the big bang, and then leaped to the ship's progress, Episode 2 delves into character backstory, while continuing dreaded events. We are learning some of the "whys" as we wait for the "what," and the "where" to unfold. I'm eager to continue!

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