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Thursday, July 10, 2014


Review: SURVIVOR by Peter Anderson Episode 3 OVERSEERS

Episode 3 continues the fabulous character backstory (I'm still reeling at the abuses and torments suffered as a child by Ai, the half-English, half-Chinese Hong Kong native; and eager for the real backstory of the very enigmatic Gabriel Proctor) but here we learn much more of the background of Jacques d'Abo ("Jabo"), a black man, native of Paris, raised by Muslim immigrant parents--a man who contains all the rage to be expected in someone growing up in dire poverty, treated like a fourth-class citizen.

Also in this Episode we are seriously introduced to the advanced science and technology marking this science fiction, of which we had some glimpses with the Wormholes of Episodes 1 and 2, and we learn more about the actual nature and sources of the Overseers.

Review: SURVIVOR by Peter Anderson Episode 4 THE DRAGON

In this Episode, romantic feelings, love, and some memories begin to appear, in striking contrast to the complete absence of emotion in Dr. Proctor and in the renovated aspect of Jabo, as the empath Maria points out. The twin themes of alienation and alienism are also becoming increasingly more apparent, as the human emotions of Maria, Ai, and Jabo, contrast to the cyborg aspect of Jabo and the seeming complete inhumanity of Proctor. The imminent appearance of the monstrous, evil, "Dragon," underscores it all.

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