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Monday, July 28, 2014


Review: LETHALCODE by Thomas Waite

My primary criterion in horror is "implacability," the unavoidable, inescapable nature of the threat. In LETHAL CODE, a tremendously terrifying new thriller by Thomas Waite, the threat should not be unavoidable. Procedures should have been put into place years ago, and updated frequently. However, short-term greed, shortsightedness, and just-plain-foolishness, rule as usual. So the nation once considered the most powerful, the global policeman, lies in neat-complete ruins. The United States has been leveled by frequent and seemingly capricious cyberattacks. Not due to.a solar flare nor to an electromagnetic pulse weapon, nor to.natural disaster, these events are at the control of an unidentifiable, extraordinarily well-concealed, enemy of.the U.S.

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