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Friday, July 18, 2014

Review: NOP'S TRIALS by Donald McCaig


A warm, endearing, close-to-life story of the lives of a Shenandoah Valley farmer, his wife, adult daughter, and especially hardworking Border Collies, Nop and Stink Dog. The latter once came too close to the livestock and was "stove-up," rendering it unfit for running and herding. But the two dogs unite in relating their interjected portions of this tale, against the author's narrative backdrop.

It's easy to understand how this book became an immediate classic, for its endearing story and valuable life lessons. I readily engaged with the novel and read it in no time at all. I think it would be suitable reading for middle grades on up, and with judicious selection, to read to younger children as well. Who wouldn't adore these beloved dogs?

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