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Friday, July 18, 2014


Author Lawrence Lapin has written a medical-Sci-fi- thriller series about Adam and his terminally Ill wife Vera. I'll be reviewing Books I-III in the series shortly, but I wanted to give you a heads-up right away while Book I, ADAM FOREVER, is available free at Amazon (through July 20).

here's the Blurb:

"Book I launches ADAM’S CHRONICLES. The story tells how geneticist and surgeon, Adam Boatwright, uses his skills to prevent his wife’s impending cancer. Adam engineers a super virus that continually generates chemicals that fight off viruses and cancer. 

Adam’s life seems like he is the hero in a medical thriller. 

As a test, Adam infects himself with that mutant virus. But the side effect is prevention of aging, and he becomes virtually immortal. Convinced that long lives would destroy the human race, Adam becomes caught in a web of intrigue and conspiracy as he tries to stop profiteers from exploiting his super virus. 

This serious medical thriller also reads like a romantic science fiction tale, though there is little need to suspend disbelief. Except for a couple of very plausible twists, it flows like a true first-person biography.  

The heroic scientist’s love for his violinist wife is the driving force behind their realistic medical romance adventure. Vera compensates for Adam’s impulsiveness and helps him through tight spots with sleuthing talents and deft logical reasoning. Others would say their story is really a romantic fantasy adventure—one with minimal magic and an emphasis on science—all told in everyday language.  

Adam is only human and madly in love with Vera. He is impulsive at times and is a workaholic. He seems bigger than life, like an actual person who magically steps out of the movie screen amidst an action adventure thriller.  

Adam’s story considers current issues of hereditary disease, pre-emptive breast removal, and animal rights activism. We encounter these routinely in the news, where there are no equations, no graphs, and few technical terms. This book is as easy to read as the daily newspaper. A few turns away from known facts make everything compelling, as we would expect a medical thriller to be. But those twists could be tomorrow’s truth. 
Adam’s tale deals with controversies, like self-experimentation, stealthy research, purposeful gene mutation, and planned evolution. The heroic scientist worries about the future, caring about where humankind and the planet are headed. He is torn with hard choices involving saving his wife and violating medical ethics. He faces outcomes possibly jeopardizing the human race and Earth itself. "

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