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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Review: DEBRIDEMENT by Sean Dow

Review: DEBRIDEMENT by Sean Dow

Jack Hastings M.D. is an Oregon pulmonary and critical care specialist, leading a life he deems appropriate and fulfilling. With an overly busy practice, a beautiful wife, three sons--two grown and one nearly, a lovely home, nearly an "empty nest," what could go wrong? Well--everything. Due to the greed of a former patient's ex-wife, and of a malpractice attorney, Jack is served in an unfounded malpractice suit. If he had stopped there, he might have managed; but no, Jack, too full of himself, decides to play  God, and to eradicate the threat-permanently.

I couldn't dredge up much sympathy for the protagonist: taking everything for granted, and too suffused with self. I much preferred hi buddy and colleague, Dr. George--not a nice guy, but at least straightforward with it.

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