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Friday, July 11, 2014

Review: SURVIVOR by Peter Anderson EPISODES 5-


Review: SURVIVOR by Peter Anderson EPISODE 5

One disaster after another as Jabo continues to battle his increasing mechanisation, and Ryan Nash, the ship's commander, must fight off the alien dragon , attempt to locate Dr. Proctor, then rescue unconscious Jabo from a massive planetary quake and consequent flooding of the lower level. All that seems tame when they encounter the near-impossible event of the Episode's cliffhanger....high-tension suspense, plus Ryan's troubling and heartbreaking backstory: so far we have learned about the backgrounds of Ai, Jabo, Maria, and Ryan; and this reviewer wonders if these four were chosen for their backgrounds of abuse as much as for their special, preternatural gifts.

Review: SURVIVOR by Peter Anderson EPISODE 6

Tremendous danger for all, the slave drones of the underground Factory as well as for Maria, Ai, and the brilliant but enigmatic Dr. Proctor, as the planetary quake creates massive damage and many fatalities underground. Then as the rebel guide leads our trio to an actual power source, the evil Dai Feng and her Overseers reappear. Heated battle ensues, accompanied by a new, probably terminal catastrophe. In the background, more of Ai's horrible history unfolds.

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