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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Reviews: 3 Children's Books From Carole P. Roman's CAPTAIN NO BEARD Series:)

Today's reviews are of 3 short tales in a most delightful series: CAPTAIN NO BEARD by author Carole P. Roman. You are going to adore this series, as will every child you know. (these would make great Christmas and birthday gifts; also gifts for Grandparent Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day--to read to your children!)

A delightful tale suitable for kids and adults to chuckle over, this is the first of a series, in which Captain No Beard, first mate Hallie, and a valiant crew (frog, lion, monkey) valiantly "sail the high seas." Good storytelling emphasizes using our imagination, repetition for remembrance, and dictionary research.

Author Carole P. Roman delivers another delightful tale in the 
Humorous and imaginative Captain No Beard series, this time with subtle advice about stranger avoidance, and why each of us has a role to play.

Got a problem? Use the imagination? Friends mad at you? Use the imagination to change your perspective and theirs. Kudos to author Carole P. Roman, who gently guides children to imagine e, to think, and to then make GOOD decisions. Peer pressure and the innate tendency to scapegoat CAN be overcome!

I liked all three, but so far, THE CREW GOES COCONUTS is my fave!!

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