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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reviews: 3 Children's Books From Award-Winning Author CAROLE P. ROMAN

This is Book 2 in the CAPTAIN NO BEARD Series, Captain No Beard' s crew gains a new member--Pepper the Parrot- who is just a little hot-tempered and impulsive. Read to see how Captain and the crew work together cooperatively to help Pepper to overcome these traits.

Here's Book 5. This series has the cutest illustrations--and plenty of them. Read on to see why this one is my favorite:
My new favorite in this wonderful series: We Love Books!! In addition to teaching teamwork and cooperation, and learning to overcome phobias, author Carole Roman states my personal philosophy of life:

"'I read it in a book, the parrot said, nodding wisely.
"That's how I learn everything, by reading.'"

Can't get wiser than that!:)

This is Book 6:
Another Wise Lesson for children and grownups too! No one of us can accomplish everything alone, and everyone accomplishes more with praise, not criticism. I totally enjoy Carole P. Roman' s books, and they are great to share with children and grandchildren. Day cares and Library storytime too!

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