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Friday, June 27, 2014


Sometimes the Apocalypse comes not with a bang, but with a chirp... Long Island, New York, can be a pretty place to live, if you've the funds. If you're a long-unemployed husband with a newly pregnant wife, then maybe not so pretty--especially if Long Island is at the cutting-edge of the New Apocalypse: The Cicada Infestation. These creatures are unstoppable, determined, unavoidable. Author Michael Phillip Cash demonstrates a really vivid imagination (not only does he choose Cicadas for his venue, instead of nuclear holocaust or the overexposed Zombie trope; he couches the core narrative in the form of a stolen videotape). I was consistently reminded of my beloved B-sci-fi movies so prevalent in the 1950's. I just wish I could have developed a little more empathy for co-protagonist Seth.

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