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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Review: SNOW by Aine Greaney (short story)

Review: SNOW by Aine Greany Early 20th Century North Carolina author Thomas Wolfe informed us, "you can't go home again." Irish expatriate author Aine Greany infers differently. In her newest short story, "SNOW," a poetically lyrical narrative with all the power of the Irish lilt, Dolores leaves behind her New England home and relationship, and her career in which she continually demonstrates strong female empowerment in a man's field, to return to Dublin as part-time carer to her aged, ailing, father-a melancholy, introverted soul-and full-time shopkeeper in the family business. Within days, memories swamp her and any attempt to assert is met with discontent and disdain from the patriarch and former authority figure. 

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