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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Review: NEVER COMING BACK by Tim Weaver

Review: NEVER COMING BACK by Tim Weaver

This has to be the MOST amazingly complex mystery I've ever read, in 5.5 decades of nearly constant consumption of mysteries! As this is the first U.S. publication of this series (although the fourth installment), this is my first exposure to author Tim Weaver and his protagonist David Raker, investigator of missing persons. I am in awe of author Weaver's imaginative capacity and of Raker's intuition.

Strongly based in rural Devon, England, the story also has anchors in glimmery, glitzy, Las Vegas, and the high, dusty, Nevada desert, equally of importance. Mr. Weaver intertwines a multiplicity of threads and characters, and every single one has weight. This is the intellectual's mystery. I give 48 stars for sheer immensity of accomplishments.

I reviewed this novel via the Penguin First to Read program, and NetGalley.

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