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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Review: WARCHILD: JUDAS by Ernie Lindsey (WARCHILD Series Book Two)


The history of humanity is all too often a long and almost unending record of wars, conflicts, battles, and violence. All too likely is civilization's end because of such friction. When I think of post-civilization (as I have frequently for more than five decades), I imagine survivors, alone or in small bands, fighting against Nature and sometimes themselves to persevere. Not so the setting of post-Apocalyptic Appalachia in Ernie Lindsey's newest series, WARCHILD. If you've read WARCHILD: PAWN (and if not, why haven't you?) you'll remember what a miserable, famished, violent, selfishly-governed, "society" exists. ( A world where fourteen-year-olds are advance scouts, is in my opinion, a severely skewed and dystopian world.) but running through the dark granite of this series is always one tiny thread of hope, glittering like mica-difficult to spot, but holding steady nonetheless.

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