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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Review: WARCHILD: PAWN by Ernie Lindsey (WARCHILD Book One)

Author Lindsey grew up in the locale of this series, and writes of it as if he had it carved in the palm of his hand; so the reader sees, smells, hears, touches, tastes protagonist Caroline' s environment: scenically beautiful, in reality barely civilized drudgery. Humans now live like Neanderthals, with the addition of constant raids, wars, and outright killings. There's good character development, lots of action; but for me the continuing first-person narrative was off-putting, and I continually want MORE backdrop: what Kind of apocalypse brought this on, when did the central government collapse, what's going on in other parts of the former United States and North Ameica and globally, why the reduction in populace; and OF COURSE, more about the Kinder (which I expect will be covered in future installments).

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