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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Review: JULY CRISIS by T. G. Otte

We are right at the precipice of the Centennial of the Great War--the "war to end all wars"--the First World War. Cambridge University Press has provided several new works further delineating this most horrid and blood-drenched of eras. Among them is Professor T. G. OTTE'S wonderfully readable "July Crisis," a fresh look at a century-old subject. June 28 marks the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Serbian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the catalytic event which spiraled Britain and Europe (and America) into tragic turmoil. Every student of recent history needs this volume, and lay readers do too. Historian George Santayana spoke truth: "Those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it." With texts like JULY CRISIS, we need not fall into that pit.

Please note that I have corrected the inaccuracy of the publisher's name. The excellent volume JULY CRISIS by T. G. Otte is published by Cambridge University Press.

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