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Tuesday, June 16, 2015



Ex-hitman Larry Laughlin got out of Mexico alive, but now he’s a haunted man. The final step to laying his ghosts to rest requires killing his newly paroled father. Before he can take action, though, a trio of killers break into Larry’s house, and he overhears their plan to murder his brother, Jaime, too. Old habits kick in, and Larry emerges the sole survivor. But while he’s gathering hidden funds to finance his plans, he’s ambushed by an unlikely traveling companion: a young abused teen named Brooklyn, who refuses to be left behind.

Larry and Brooklyn set out to save his brother and complete his patricidal task, but one wrong misstep drops yet another aching tragedy on Larry’s burdened shoulders. Nearly mad with his hunger for vengeance, Larry seeks his final nemesis in the heart of New York City. But what he finds will threaten more than just his life: Larry Laughlin damned himself long ago.

Review:  PENNIES FOR THE DAMNED by Edward Lorn

I knew just from the author's name that I would be entering into a read well "off the beaten track," and of course Mr. Lorn did not disappoint. Mo and Larry Laughlin are an active married couple, joint private investigators for the past four years. Their prime motivation is vigilante murder, though. Both are adult survivors of horrific childhood abuse, and they eradicate human monsters similar to those who brutalized their childhoods. The problem is that their various "handlers" sometimes follow their own agendas, and occasionally the chosen might not be sufficiently guilty...

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