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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Review: THE FOLD by Peter Clines

Release: June 2 2015

Review: THE FOLD by Peter Clines

I've been an immense fan of Peter Clines's work since I first read his novel 14 for review. Within the first few pages he became an author-I-must-read. His newest novel, THE FOLD, certainly cements this intention. By halfway through I actually felt my mind expanding as my imagination stretched to acclimate the quantum concepts contained here. Yet, as I look back at the novel in its entirety, it has it's own logical cohesion. I could not turn away from it, despite approaching deadlines (release dates and reviews). I had to read to the finish. Another 36 stars for Peter Clines, and THE FOLD (and its elusive yet delectable Lovecraftian touches).

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