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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Review: STOP GIVING IT AWAY by Cherilynn Veland MSW, LCSW

Being caring and compassionate is important—but too many women allow the weight of others’ needs to press so hard on them that they find they often fail to speak up for what they want and need. And women do this all the time. It’s time for these women to stop worrying quite so much about everyone else—and start taking care of themselves. In Stop Giving It Away, therapist Cherilynn Veland utilizes her twenty-plus years of counseling experience to untangle what binds so many women to other people’s needs, wants, and expectations, and to build a case for what these women can do to make changes that will help them live more fulfilling personal and professional lives. Illustrating her points with real-life stories of women who—to the detriment of their relationships and personal happiness—have given away too much at home and at work, Veland provides readers with a toolkit for recognizing and analyzing unhealthy behaviors, developing healthy relationship strategies, and setting good personal boundaries. Accessible, entertaining, and illuminating, Stop Giving It Away is a book for every woman who tends to put everyone else first—and herself last.

Review: STOP GIVING IT AWAY by Cherilynn Veland

Psychotherapist Cherilynn Veland draws on decades of experience to identify how--and why--so many individuals "give it away": giving of their time, attention, energy, and empathy, to their detriment, also preventing the recipients from learning their own self-determination. Years ago, Robin Norwood wrote of "women who love too much." Ms. Vreeland explains it's not just women, and it's not confined to just emotional and physical intimacy. It's a lifestyle. Smoothly written and easy to understand, STOP GIVING IT AWAY is an eye-opener.

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