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Friday, June 19, 2015

Review: DIARY OF A ZOMBIE by Sergi Llauger

REVIEW : DIARY OF A ZOMBIE by Sergei Llauger

CAUTION: Not your ordinary Zombie story!! DIARY OF A ZOMBIE is literary zombie fiction, a metaphysical exploration, of both a nearly empty planet, and of one [former] person's interior landscape. The narrator, formerly Erico Lombardo of Verona, Italy, latterly resident of Barcelona, Spain [now zombie], had inexplicably retained his consciousness [if not his life vitality]. Erico is intellectual enough to be given to pondering metaphysical thoughts, and ironically Ericko the zombie becomes instrumental in the process by which the world can eventually be reinstated. Well-written and leavened with a gentle touch of humor and a keen eye for observation, DIARY OF A ZOMBIE is the thinking person's zombie novel.

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