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Thursday, June 11, 2015

TOUR: MOON BAYOU by J. R. Rain and Rod Kierkegaard Jr.

Moon Bayou, by J.R. Rain and Rod Kierkegaard, Jr.


Genre: Supernatural-thriller


Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press


Date of Release: May 13, 2015


Cover Artist: Eugene Teplitsky


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From the author of the Vampire for Hire Series, J.R. Rain, comes a brand new Samantha Moon spin-off story co-written by bestselling author of The Dead Detective and The Department of Magic, Rod Kierkegaard Jr.


Samantha Moon loses everything - her kids, her beloved, the very unlife she knows - when a powerful curse catapults her backwards in time, to Louisiana during the days of Marie Laveau.


Though she pines for the familiar world of the present, Samantha must move fast - the superhuman vampiric abilities she relied on in prior cases have been compromised by the curse, leaving her vulnerable to a new kind of lurking evil...


Now, her talents as a private investigator will be ever more critical. Can Samantha Moon unlock the key to the past and return to her present, or will she forever remain ancient history?

About The Author:


J.R. Rain is the author of thirty-three mystery, supernatural, and romance novels and five short-story collections.


He’s sold over one million books online. Moon Dance, his supernatural mystery, has been translated into four languages, with audio and film productions pending.


The literary heir to Robert Parker, his novels feature challenging characters, complicated relationships, and page-turning modernist prose. The gritty realism in his mystery novels comes courtesy of years working as a private eye.


A So-Cal native, Rain relocated to an enigmatic and shadowy island outside Seattle.

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About The Author:


Rod Kierkegaard, Jr. is a writer and cartoonist.  He lives in Washington, DC.


Known in the US for his comic strip, “Rock Opera”, which ran as a regular feature in Heavy Metal Magazine, he is also the author of two French graphic novel collections, “Stars Massacre”, (released in the US as “Shooting Stars”) and “Rock Monstres”, both published by Editions Albin Michel, Paris.


His first novel, “Obama Jones & The Logic Bomb”, is published by Dogma Press.  ”The Department of Magic” and “Family Cursemas (Megamilionnaire Murders, Vol. 1) ” were Rod’s first published works through Curiosity Quills Press in 2011, followed by “The God Particle” in early 2012. Curiosity Quills Press published “Adultery” (Book 1 of the Scarlet Alphabet) in September 2014.  In October 2014, Rod co-authored “The Dead Detective” with JR Rain. “The Ghosts of Christmas Present”, a collection of short stories with JR Rain,  is scheduled for release December 2014.

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Review:  MOON BAYOU by J. R. Rain and Rod Kierkegaard Jr.

Single parent Samantha Moon, "real vampire housewife of Orange County," and private investigator, travels to New Orleans in search of a missing young woman. Naturally, all is not what it seems, and in this metropolis so downtrodden by Katrina, where it seems even the will to recovery is no more, behind the scenes, Classic New Orleans is still very viable: vampires, werewolves--and intensely powerful Vodoun. Way too powerful for one vampire to combat...

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