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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Review: THE GRECIAN MANIFESTO by Ernest Dempsey [Sean Wyatt #5]

REVIEW: THE GRECIAN MANIFESTO by Ernest Dempsey [A Sean Wyatt Adventure #4]

Easygoing Sean Wyatt attended university, worked as a covert agent for a secret Federal agency, then served the International Archaeological Agency. University went well; the next two life stages did not. There was lots of gunplay and danger, injury and wracked nerves. So with funds to spare, Sean Wyatt retired and opened a Gulf surf shop. That is, he tried to retire, but when you're that talented, and that well-known in certain covert circles, you're bound to be recalled.

Ernest Dempsey, like his protagonist Sean Wyatt, has a light-hearted approach which makes every book in the series an entertaining, likable, fast-and-furious read.

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