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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Review: GLITCH IN THE MACHINE by Edgar Swamp

It’s 2025. The United States is in the shadow of a puppet government run by giant corporations, and the 99 percent live without rights or the protection of government regulations, fully at the mercy of the 1 percent. Among the most powerful entities are the pharmaceutical suppliers, the weapons manufacturers, and insurance companies, which rake in massive fortunes because of the mandatory insurance requirements, but never pay out.

Amid this corporate dystopia, we find Floyd Jasper, a mercenary whose job title as a “health insurance claims investigator” belies his actual function. A maniacal killing machine, he’s good at what he was programmed to do: punish insurance “fraudsters”—brutally and permanently.

But if you think this status quo seems unhinged, just wait until Floyd’s drug use explodes and he has an illicit affair with a coworker. Floyd’s world continues to unravel when, suddenly, he realizes that someone is trying to kill him.

A fast-paced, in-your-face, rollicking roller-coaster ride to hell and back, Glitch In The Machine immerses readers in a world that’s so off balance, you won’t know whom to root for. It’s over-the-top political satire at its most fearsome.

Review: GLITCH IN THE MACHINE by Edgar Swamp

There exists Dystopia, and then there is DYSTOPIA.
The genre has always been a particular interest of mine, but generally although lives are miserable and society is seriously skewed, somehow, somewhere, hope remains, no matter how small. But a few Dystopian writers have looked deeply in the Abyss: Shirley Jackson's THE LOTTERY; Orwell's 1984; Goldman's LORD OF THE FLIES. Edgar Swamp's GLITCH IN THE MACHINE makes 1984 seem like a stroll in a sunny park, and LORD OF THE FLIES like an outdoor picnic for friends. It doesn't get more Dystopian than this. Enough said.

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