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Friday, June 12, 2015

TOUR: THE BLACK ORACLE by Michael Cristiano

The Black Oracle, by Michael Cristiano


Genre: Epic-fantasy


Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press


Date of Release: May 25, 2015


Cover Artist: Alexandria Thompson


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On a post-apocalyptic Earth, humans are not alone.


Joachim is a hunter. Though generations have passed since the Great Death, something has evolved in the trees beyond the giant glowing mushrooms, mutants that want to see human entrails spread along the jungle floor.


And now they’ve taken Joachim’s wife.


To get her back, Joachim must give the leader of these demons something in return: immortality. A creature knows when he is going to die, after all. In the realm of Zalm, Joachim must navigate a world of magic and darkness to find the ingredients to a potion. Only the Black Oracle knows where these ingredients are, but she’s a little busy at the moment. She leads an army of rebels, revolutionaries fighting for liberation against the High Council.


In a story of betrayal, prophecy, and bloodshed, Joachim must find a way to save his wife while evading a ruthless Empress, one that wants to see the Black Oracle and her associates killed - Joachim included.

About The Author:

Michael Cristiano is a Canadian writer. His relentless obsession with fiction began long before he could even spell the words ‘relentless obsession’. Growing up in endless suburban sprawl, he spent most of his childhood getting lost in fantastical masterpieces and attempting to be published by the age of thirteen.
When he isn’t writing or reading, he can be found planning his next backpacking trip around the world. He is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto with studies in Foreign Language and Linguistics. Previously, he attended a Regional Arts high school where he majored in drama. He is fond of all things dramatic.
Michael currently resides in the Greater Toronto Area.
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Review: THE BLACK ORACLE by Michael Cristiano

Fans of epic fantasy are going to love this one, because even though its setting is post-apocalyptic [and who ever promised the After-Apocalypse wouldn't be like the Dark Ages?], there's all the great tenets of fantasy: character, setting, theme, adventures, in a well-composed framework.

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