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Saturday, June 9, 2012

THE WAKE OF THE DRAGON by Jaq D. Hawkins_Review

The Wake of the Dragon: A Steampunk AdventureThe Wake of the Dragon: A Steampunk Adventure by Jaq D. Hawkins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

13 stars:)

An exciting, adventurous, engrossing adventure, a Steampunk thriller, delightful in every aspect, “Wake of the Dragon” is a superbly-written story that will surely appeal to readers of all stripes of genre interest. Yes, it is Steampunk, but it is rich in historical background; the thrill-a-minute pace will appeal to readers of adventurous thrillers; and the sheer excitement of the airships, the piracy, the many chases, mobs, and the upending of normal consensus reality to paint a reality so similar, yet so different-everything in this book is fantastic.

Take a pinch of legal opium trade as administered by Britain’s East India Company; add airships, clockwork mechanoids; Dickensian business practices; rural communities and farms straight out of the Victorian era; pirates, cars, and the usual human emotions-toss in a hint of spy novel; and the result is a riveting page-turner that is not to be missed. Do pick this one up-you will likely find yourself reading it in one sitting as I did, then immediately wanting to turn back to the first page and read through again.

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