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Saturday, June 23, 2012

THE THIRTEEN by Susie Moloney_Review

The Thirteen: A NovelThe Thirteen: A Novel by Susie Moloney

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well, wow-this book was everything I had expected, from the blurbs, and more-much more. I’m so glad I read it that I am reading all of Ms. Moloney’s earlier books (this is the most recently published). “The Thirteen” is so multi-layered that it would take me enough pages for a novel to pick all the layers apart, so I won’t. I can’t even label it as one sub-genre or another. Urban fantasy, horror, Supernatural, paranormal, literary, mother-child entanglements, some romance, wealth vs. poverty, suburb life vis a vis city, sacrifice, evil vs. good, otherworldliness-there’s nothing not to love here and readers will surely be as entranced as I was.

Haven Woods is, on the surface, ostensibly just another pleasant suburb-quiet, not too busy, early to sleep and early to rise-a wonderful, comfortable place both for parents to raise their children to adulthood, and for seniors to enjoy relaxing retirement. But Haven Woods, of course, is not your ordinary suburb. Under the sway of a coven of witches, who are themselves tightly bound to a creature of Evil, who is itself only a minion (albeit a powerful one), Haven Woods is only safe and secure for some, the chosen few. Even the chosen must sacrifice also.

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