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Monday, June 25, 2012

THE RITUAL by Adam Nevill_Review

The RitualThe Ritual by Adam Nevill

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

36 stars!!!

I was totally engrossed in this book from the first sentences. A graphic, gory, terribly suspenseful, tense, horrifying, mystery-adventure-horror-untangling of emotional revelations, this novel riveted me completely. I so wanted to stay up all night to finish it! The compulsion to know “who’s next” and “what’s going on,” “why oh why is this happening,” and “is there inexplicably a human cause-or is this truly all Supernatural?” kept me turning pages nearly at the speed of light.

Mr. Nevill is a fine writer-I enjoyed his “Apartment 16,” but “The Ritual” in my opinion surpasses it, both for superbness of writing, for characterisations, and for sheer unmitigated terror. (Make no mistake, “Apartment 16” is very scary!) In “The Ritual,” the lives of four former collegiate friends, now in their mid-thirties, are peeled down quite literally to matters of survival-who will, who won’t, will any, survive? “The Ritual” is an actual “page-turner,” and refuses to be set aside. Even if one puts the book down, the story line will linger in the mind, demanding one’s attention.

I cannot rave highly enough about this novel! So I am off to read the author’s “Banquet of the Damned,” and count the days till the 2013 publication of his newest novel, “Last Days.”

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