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Saturday, June 9, 2012

FERVOR by Chantal Boudreau_Review

FervorFervor by Chantal Boudreau

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An exciting and enticing novel on a literally magical enclave (in which magic is used in place of say, electricity, and fuel power) beginning on an ordinary morning which is suddenly, exactly the opposite of ordinary. All the adults (the Minders) are gone-who knows where? There are older children-adolescents-and younger children. Now the olders (Biggers) are sort of mentors to the younger, doling out a tiny bit of knowledge here, another tad bit there. In some ways, the Biggers treat the Littles more like a drill sergeant might: the Littles are the ones with “talent” (which varies-some for example are “Finders” of people and objects; others are “Fixers” –Healers; others have other talents entirely). The Biggers dole out only enough information-and behave in such a way-as to force the younger children to awaken to their talents, which takes place in the new situation of having lost a physical sense (such as vision or hearing) and finding the replacement to be pure mental telepathy. In a sense, like “Lord of the Flies” on a larger scale-because of course both Biggers and Littles still deal with human emotions, greed, cupidity, and all the other feelings-and anyone of them can virtually “tune in” to anyone else. In the meantime, the whole remaining group must figure out how to govern themselves, how to subsist, and how to survive-not to mention, what happened? Where did the Minders go? Why have they not been trained to operate the hover cars, or utilize magic fvr lighting, opening house doors, and so forth?
This fantasy/science fantasy will keep readers riveted to the page, eager to see what happened as well as what will happen to the characters.

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