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Thursday, June 7, 2012

SHIFTERS by Halli Lilburn_Review

ShiftersShifters by Halli Lilburn

I found this YA novel engrossing and immensely invigorating. There’s no wasted wordage, no dropped plot threads, just moment-to-moment excitement and adventure, with the romance, friendship, character integrity, and villainous “overlords” woven in intricately. Just as importantly, the story line is so very plausible: almost any contemporary society today is aware of how close it could come to a fascist “Big Brother” type society, without even realizing until too late.

The characters in this book are at first selectively chosen students of a new University, selected presumably for their higher capabilities. Yet they don’t understand, amid all the rigid rules and strictures, that their value is in their DNA. It is not until one of her former neighbourhood playmates, a boy she has known for years, disappears from the University that Halina realizes something terrible is afoot, and she, Yussef, and Jan begin to explore what it is-and discover the concept of “Shifters”-those who can pass among alternate dimensions.

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