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Thursday, June 7, 2012


Vampires Aren’t PrettyVampires Aren’t Pretty by T.W. Brown

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This anthology I rated at 4 Stars in general, but there are several stories included which definitely rate 5 stars, in my opinion; and the entire anthology is worth a read.

Best are: “Don’t Feed the –“ by Chantal Boudreau (really special), Jeremiah Coe’s tongue-in-cheek “Death’s Eager Bride,” R. B. Clague’s “Critique” (which should be read weekly by certain novelists LOL), John Lemut’s hilarious “The Suckiest Bunch of Sucks”; the excellent and well-characterised “The Shifter,” from the smooth Mark Jones.

The apparent theme of this anthology is found in the title: vampires aren’t pretty-they’re gross, gory, ugly, hateful, and determined. To vamps, humans are not quality of life: they’re cattle-livestock-food. Does a human look at a field of corn or a cattle ranch and say, “save it”? (well, yes, in some cases). Vampires NEVER see a human and remark, “Oh, let’s save that one-quality of life-moral integrity-contribution to the future.” No way! That’s the aim of this anthology-on the surface-but as one reads through the various stories, an astute reader will discover another expanded theme, perhaps more subterranean than obvious:

The contemporary trend toward viewing vampires as friendly, shining, beings who are simply “hemo-challenged”, a different but still valued species-actually brainwashes humans into not fearing vampires, thereby making the situation of humans far more dangerous than ever! Listen, humans, and learn: Multicultural diversity is a fine thing-but don’t extend it to include vampires!!

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