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Thursday, June 21, 2012

THE INTERN'S TALE by Shawn Keenan_Review

The Intern's TaleThe Intern's Tale by Shawn Keenan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A futuristic Chaucerian urban fantasy tale, “The Intern’s Tale” is not anything I could have thought to expect, but nevertheless is a very logical outgrowth of what we do know of contemporary society-in other words, yes, Virginia-this really could happen! Two of the best aspects of this novel are the humour-something I’ve not encountered often in any form of fantasy, with the possible exception of Mercedes Lackey; and the dual protagonists, Kip and Abbey, who are both adorable, determined, independent, just a little cynical (who wouldn’t be, living in those circumstances) yet hopeful-agreeable, and clever (again-cleverness is needed going up against creatures such as Cian Kingsley, and indeed the entire horrible Megacorporate setup). I was glad to find that some of the secondary characters, who could have easily become caricatures, were instead fleshed out and made real folks.

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