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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Magic UniversityMagic University by Chantal Boudreau

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fantasy is not my forte, in general. This is not to state that I run from fantasy, but rather that given my druthers, I’ll reach for horror, Supernatural, or mystery every time. There are, however, certain authors of fantasy whom I am compelled to read. Among these are C. J. Cherryh, Mercedes Lackey, Terry Goodkind, Tad Williams-and recently, Ms. Chantal Boudreau, to whom I have been happily introduced via the venue of May-December Publications. Ms. Boudreau does not limit herself to fantasy-she offers horror, mystery, and other genres as well; but here in her “Masters and Renegades” Series, of which “Magic University” is Book One, she proffers not only fantasy, but mystery, thrills, deep characterisations, suspense, chills, romantic interests, authority figures, secrets and revelations-and makes the reader absolutely adore it!

Starting from the premise of a group of individuals aspiring to train at the elitist Magic University, undergoing first a public explication of their secrets (via the Magic Mirror), and subsequently numerous divergent trials, Ms. Boudreau weaves a story line that will keep readers edging from their seats, heart in mouth, waiting for the next event, the next denouement, the next cliffhanger. Luckily Book Two is just about to appear, so readers need not wait much longer to continue this exciting story.

Just remember; you don’t have to be a fantasy fan to find this book appealing-and more than appealing, captivating.

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