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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Review: DYING FOR THE HIGHLIFE by Dave Stanton


Dan Reno (that's pronounced like "Renno," not like "Reeno," as in the Nevada city) is a failing part-time detective in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, an area noted for its beautiful scenery, and rampant casinos. Dan can't find sufficient investigative work, so must supplement his meager income with bartending at Caesars Casino. Approached with a request to locate a missing person which he knows is couched in lies, Dan wants to demur, but finally accedes, only to discover the off-the-grid individual, a person of little integrity, is the recent winner of a high-paying lottery. No wonder if he is sought out!

I much appreciate the new trend in mystery, in which the protagonist is often flawed and failing, but self-analytical enough to realize, and to acknowledge. Such is private investigator Dan Reno, and these qualities persuade me to continue to read his series.

I reviewed a digital copy generously provided by the author in return for my fair and honest review. No fees were exchanged.

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