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Monday, November 3, 2014

Review: CHAIN OF EVENTS by Fredrik T. Olsson

REVIEW:  CHAIN OF EVENTS Oh I loved this novel!  I've had the irrepressible pleasure of reading several engrossing thrillers (THE CARNAGE ACCOUNT; PRICE ON THEIR HEADS; CHAIN OF EVENTS) , each of which kept me totally riveted with exciting adventures, great characters, and excellent writing. Each is a candidate for Top Thriller of 2014.

Imagine you're a top-rate cryptologist, who intricately weaves mathematics with intuition. Imagine you've resigned your military career and lost your marriage in the unresolvable GRIEF over the loss of  your beloved daughter. Imagine you've finally surrendered to grief, and decided to die. Prescription pills plus slashing your wrists: first you awake in hospital, then almost immediately you are kidnapped and flown to an immense castle in the Alps. Here you are ordered to translate encryption involving both Base Four math and Sumerian cuneiform, only to discover you are far from the only kidnapped expert. Even worse:  dozens of people, infected and dying, are also housed in the castle, and your captors will tell you nothing at all.

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