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Friday, November 28, 2014


Apple, Massachusetts is rotten to the core.
Every fall, when the orchards ripen and the leaves begin to die, there are murders. We know it, and we accept it. It’s the price we pay for living in Apple. Families mourn, but no one is ever caught. Now, there’s a body in the woods, and the cycle is starting again. People bruise easily in Apple.
Finding a murdered and mutilated girl plunges Jackson Gill into the middle of a decades-old horror. For Jackson, the newest murders become personal. His mentally ill sister knows far more about the murders than anyone restrained in a basement room should know.
When one by one, her sick, cryptic predictions prove true, Jackson will have to believe the unthinkable and stop what no one has been able to stop in sixty years.
He has no choice. He lives in Bloody Bloody Apple.


This book is so incredibly excellent!! I'M glad for its publication on November 30, so it'll be eligible for Best Horror in 2014. Very rarely do I discover a horror story with this depth of characterization; the only examples I can think of that are anywhere close are Joe Hart' s "Lineage" and Joe McKinney' s "Inheritance," but BLOODY, BLOODY APPLE beats even those most excellent novels. Howard Odentz delivers not one, but THREE highly dysfunctional family groups; but when, the entire TOWN is asylum material!! And then the KILLER ending!! I want to turn back to Page One and live it all over again!!

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