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Friday, November 14, 2014

Review: THE BURNING ROOM by Michael Connolly


Long-time LAPD detective Harry (Hieronymous) Bosch has under a year left to retirement, and wants to reach it with his pension unmolested. In the meantime, he continues his diligent work with the Cold Case/Unsolved Squad, and he and relatively rookie partner Detective Lucia Soto are assigned an odd case: a man shot.ten years earlier in a supposedly random sniper attack and paralyzed, has jus died from complications. Bosch and Soto must sift clues from a case that was puzzling to begin with, and went cold a decade earlier; while Soto conceals her personal investigation into an even colder unsolicited ed--an apartment building arson in which she, a small child, was injured, and several other children and one adult died.

This is the first of this series I have read, and the first by this author. I quite enjoyed it.

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