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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Review: THE BLUE FOLIO by Matt McMahon. Release

A riveting look into just one possible American future. Let the reader determine: would this be a Utopian society if such came to pass? Or Dystopian? Future-seers, beware!

Twenty-two years after the Second Constitution pacified the anger of the American people, Bill Waverly, the president's attorney, finds himself at the center of a crisis that threatens the president's job, her life, and the new people-centric government. Bill gets trapped into having to choose between protecting the president—the source of his power—and his deeply buried convictions.

While trying to get his old law professor, the fatherly George Comstock, the most influential living reframer, to help save the president, Bill doesn't see how conspiracies intertwined throughout the 2037 Second Constitutional Convention and the new Constitution's most perilous application in 2059, put his own life and the country as a whole at risk.


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