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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Review: SO WHAT! STORIES OR WHATEVER! by G. J. Griffiths

I quite enjoyed this book, which is more a collection of vignettes about a dedicated but occasionally feckless secondary Science teacher ( later a college tutor). Robert Jeffrey is of course imperfect, but he is diligent, and devoted to developing potential scientists or engineers. Like most teachers, he has a variety of students, from the quiet intellectuals, to the bullies and future delinquents.  It's pretty certain, that Mr. Jeffrey, successes and flaws, is not easily forgotten.

Author G. J. Griffiths has an easy, very readable and interesting, style of writing; it kept my attention initially and throughout. Although I've never been an instructor at any level, still I found the teachers, staff, and students realistic and recognisable. I recommend this book.when you're looking for a relaxing, comfortable, and entertaining, read

5 Stars

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