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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review: COP TOWN by Karin Slaughter

Multi-published author Karin Slaughter ably delineates an ugly era in American society. A decade plus after the passage of the Federal Civil Rights Act, the contempt and hatred, the unreasoning rage, of racism is still prevalent, really, still ingrained, just as much as during Reconstruction. Despite the entry of black politicians into city politics, much of the Atlanta Police Department is dyed-in-the-wool bigoted, and misogynist. Female police officers are considered brainless glorified go-fers and regularly demeaned.

Into  a setting already a gunpowder keg spouting off sparks, comes a somebody  (possibly multiple somebodies) gunning down white police officers, execution-style; the killer is believed black. It's a recipe for hot 'n' spicy: potential for police brutality and riots, and only.the "good old boy" network is deemed capable of taking the killer down.

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