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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Review: GORGON by Greig Beck

ARCADIAN GENESIS and GORGON are the first two books I've read in author Grieg Beck' s Alex Hunter series, but I enjoyed both so much that I plan to pick up the entire series quickly. Hunter is a member of Hotzone All-Warfare Commandos, the "ultimate" special operations group. Ultimate, that is, until a combination of bizarre circumstances, a  "pick-up" mission to bring out a Chechen scientist-defector, and an unidentifiable recently uncovered artifact, and a deadly psychopathic  former Spetsnaz killer, results in near-fatal injury to Hunter, who is then "enrolled" in a clandestine U.S. military medical experiment. Now he is "the ultimate warrior," but when GORGON begins, Alex Hunter is a man without identity, without memory, without purpose; while across the globe, in Istanbul, a millennias-ancient, impossible, evil has been uncovered and "jump-started," an eventual threat to the existence of all humanity.

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