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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


As an adolescent I consumed several novels by Arthur Hailey, including HOTEL when it was still quite new. I enjoyed it very much all those years ago, and am delighted to see it returned to the reading audience by Open Road Media. To.those who have become gluttoned on so-called "reality tv" and long-running drama, I suggest: pick up HOTEL and watch a Maestro conduct!

Another benefit of this New edition is author Hailey' s own foreword, which goes into some detail on the factual backdrop of this exciting novel. Yes, it is based on an actual New Orleans five-star establishment, and the author's extensive in-person research.

Readers who, like me, are hungry for a meaty, riveting story with multiple intertwining plot lines and realistic, flawed, characters, need look no further. Curl up with HOTEL and let author Arthur Hailey carry you away on an exciting adventure.

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