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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Review: THE RELUCTANT JESUS by Duncan Whitehead

This  whimsical and often hilarious "memoir" of the "other Son of God"--the "second-begotten" -relates the life narrative of a thirty-two-year old male Jewish architect, very successful, living in Greenwich Village. Why is his age important? Well, remember what happened to Jesus when he turned thirty-three. Seth Miller, who considers his life actually perfect, is beyond astounded when his parents, Irma and Ely, announce that Seth is the second Son of God. What's worse is the direct revelation from the deity--presented here as forgetful, not fully in control, and often absent, that Seth must battle the Anti-Christ in Armageddon. Despite the fact that he persistently reveals himself as a little too shallow, Seth does possess a core of persistence and determination--both of which will be sorely in demand as he strives to cope with this all-new set of pressures.

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