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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Review: ORPHANS OF WONDERLAND by Greg F. Gifune

Release:  March 3 2015


It seems impossible to improve on perfect, but Greg Gifune consistently does exactly that. I consider ORPHANS OF WONDERLAND  a classic, a novella I will find myself reading and rereading frequently. This story is so well-written, it's characterization so fine-tuned, it's plotting so impeccable, it's monstrousness so implacable.

Former hard-driving investigative journalist Joel Fowler, a likable fellow if there ever was one (likable in the sense of Dickens' Bob Cratchit), is an all-round good heart who's hoed a pretty horrifying row in his lifetime. If he were less good-hearted, he wouldn't have investigated years ago a case with Satanic overtones, and subsequently been publicly trashed. Nor would he now return to his home town and old hangouts, investigating the "random" murder of an old friend. Poor Joel: too much integrity and too little sense of self-preservation.

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