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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Review: DEAD SECRET by Richard Milton

REVIEW: DEAD SECRET by Richard Milton

DEAD SECRET is an exciting and intriguing thriller coalescing science, history, psychology, and the very nature of the human spirit. At its core is a fated encounter in the latter 18th century, an encounter which will bring into covert prominence a mysterious and enigmatic theory termed "physiognomy"-- not as the term is used to express the human body. In this context it is both a way of identifying ethnicities and physical "humors," and a method to scry the future. More than 200 years after, London investigative journalist Tony Gabriel, discovers secrets his late mother kept throughout her adult life, and finds a key player to his own outcome in Eve  Channing, curator of the Chadwick Museum and closet sadist.

Following the convolutions of this novel requires as close a focus as chasing a coiling anaconda along the jungle floor, but is far more exciting and entertaining.

I suggest DEAD SECRET be considered 18+ due to some erotic (and unusual) content.

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