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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

TRAPPED by Jack Kilborn_Review

TrappedTrapped by Jack Kilborn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of Trapped by Jack Kilborn
5 stars

“Trapped” is the second novel in author Kilborn’s “Afraid” series. It has a similar setting (same region of Northern Michigan) as the first, “Afraid,” and a few characters in common. However, the story line is different and so are most of the characters. It’s in some ways not quite as violent and gory as “Afraid,” although the violence level is very high, and there are aspects which will quite likely repulse and offend some readers. Caution: if you don’t like “splatter” you probably should avoid this. It is a gory and graphic story, yet I did not find the violence gratuitous; in the context of the plot lines, it’s likely and logical.

Sara and Martin are social workers, a married couple with a young infant, Jack, who run a Center to save troubled teens. Unfortunately the Center has a high runaway level, and has just lost its state funding. But it also has a good success rate, or should have. As a last attempt at giving the residents experience with a new and better lifestyle, Martin and Sara take the remaining 6 adolescents camping, to a deserted island in Lake Huron. At least, they believe it to be deserted. Martin tells a horrifying ghost story over the campfire, and then suddenly disappears, and from that point, which is very early on, the plot is roller-coaster. The reader’s hook captured my attention immediately and that attention never flagged. I really enjoyed this.

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