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Sunday, January 13, 2013

January 13 2013 Short Story Challenge_very incomplete

Let's Write in 2013 

January 13, 2013 Writing Prompt:

"A man is given the ability to go back in time and change one event in his life."

Walter’s dingy once-white lab coat rucked up around his belt on the left side and bulged gently over his pot belly. A diligent research scientist, he was no great shakes in the manner of personal hygiene. Granted, he had not descended to the level of a homeless person with no access to showers, but Walter seldom noticed if his lab coat had a rip, or needed a good laundering. Most of the time he did not even remember to polish his wingtips, unless he had the scheduled semi-annual Meeting with the Investors.

It was nearly midnight, on a Friday, and Walter stood with his Google Pad in left hand, right hand oh-so-subtly adjusting the dial on the computer console before him. Lab procedures-and good common sense-dictated that neither of the researchers work with the time-lotron alone, but tonight, Walter was breaking that rule, and intentionally. Walter Mondon was traveling back in time.


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