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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

LILITH by Toby Tate_Review

LilithLilith by Toby  Tate
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of Lilith by Toby Tate
5 Stars

An exceptionally imaginative horror/thriller, this novel postulates a race of beings millennia older than mankind but still existing, a species that humans would consider genetic mutants, beings who appear (mostly) as human but who have super-powers and shapeshifting capability. No known human can withstand the effects of radiation, yet these Lilitu can, and indeed, radioactive mutation of their chromosomes seems to both release their immense powers, and to create the shapeshifting capability.

An affable journalist from North Carolina is part of a media tour on the USS Gerald Ford, to report on the carrier’s capabilities.  Hunter Singleton and his wife Lisa, acting as his photographer, expect no more than a bland visit of a few days. They haven’t planned on freak hurricanes, an environmental journalist who can put her hand into a nuclear reactor, nor on full-on sabotage and the attempted destruction of Manhattan. But that’s what they find; and other than Hunter and Lisa, only a few are willing to stand up to the “monster” mutations known as the Lilitu.

“Lilith” was a non-stop read, a thriller/horror/speculative science/paranormal all rolled into one, with great characterizations and an unbelievably fascinating plot.

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