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Saturday, January 12, 2013

NIGHTSIDERS by Gary McMahon_Review

NightsidersNightsiders by Gary McMahon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of Nightsiders by Gary McMahon
DarkFuse Publishing
5 Stars

This was truly a “reading out of the box” story for me, because normally I would have been too afeard of the topic to read it. However, author Gary McMahon so excellently explores the territory, the subject, the characters, and then goes far beyond that, higher and deeper, to explore the nature of reality: how do we know what we know? Do we know what “is” or are we simply players in some vast stage play or film, puppets orchestrated by something “greater”?

The Mitchell family left London because of a brutal and dangerous assault on Sarah, wife and mother. To protect her and the two children, Molly and Conor, Robert Mitchell has purchased a home outside the tiny village of Battle, and they’ve scarcely moved in before the opportunity to vacation in the Lake District offered itself. On their return, they discover their house is occupied, trashed, and the inhabitants are some kind of inexplicable “family” who seem to have legal deeds supporting their ownership, and an injunction barring the Mitchells from coming anywhere near. They also have a local police sergeant on their side; but soon Robert discovers no one at the police department has ever heard of this man, and indeed, the Mitchells find themselves on the outside looking in, puppets in the hands of something they can't understand.

What the Mitchells have stumbled into is certainly no ordinary situation; and all their reserves—moral, emotional, spiritual, physical—will be required to bring an end to this terror.

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