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Monday, October 27, 2014

Review: THE WOLF IN WINTER by John Connolly. Release Day


Only a very few authors can suspend disbelief seamlessly as John Connolly does:  China Mieville, Paul Cornell, Neil Gaiman, Christopher Fowler, among my favorites. Each conceives a reality in which the "Other," the Supernatural, is explicitly as "real" as say, the chair across the room, the window, your office mate. Mr. Connolly here extends the venue of his in-a-category-by-himself private investigator and tragic hero, Charlie Parker (himself legendary and nearly mythological, and about to become even more so during the course of this book)  northwards from Scarborough and Portland, Maine, to a small town, an entity itself, named Prosperous--a community founded by religious dissenters escaping oppression in 17th century England. So goes the known history of this town, a locale which has almost consistently lived according to its name. But great prosperity and security come only at an enormous.price.

Meanwhile Charlie and his closest friends, Louis and Angel, intensify the hunt for the ideology-driven serial murderer known by.the appellation of The Collector; and as Charlie is drawn into the investigation of Prosperous, there will be murders, and rocks turned over, and history unveiled; and for Charlie Parker, there will be unheralded danger.

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