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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Review: THE TONE POET by Mark Richert

Music thrums the Universe's chords. I've read postulations that Music and Mathematics, so closely are they twinned, are the paired foundations of the Universe. Music is often considered Celestial; are the Angels not believed to strum harps? So, too, do "Near-Death" experiences seem to be accompanied by Music, in addition to white or golden light. Certainly this was true for the child Cameron Blake, near to death in a vehicular crash; he heard Music, and it returned with his soul, reprising itself within elusive nightmares. Yet Music can be turned to discord and chaos: witness the Nazis' utilization of Wagner. Witness, too, the Reverend Alfred Kalek, who in company with his beloved wife reconstituted a nearly destroyed church building; who found her dead inside that church, and tried to commit suicide. But when an alert neighbor rescued him, the good Reverend recovered life, remembering Music, and considered it an act of God. But the first performance of the music in that church, literally birthed something occult and unspeakable.

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